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METABIRDS - Metaverse and Virtual Beings company

Corporate Profile / About Us

Corporate Profile

METABIRDS Co., Ltd. was originally founded to create a number of new businesses in the field of "Metaverses" (virtual worlds).

We focus on "inside-internet life".

As internet are developed, new style of life and communications are born. Using 'avatars' in virtual worlds, using 'bot' in social medias and messaging apps, new generation people making their lives as if avatars and bots are their own pets or alter-egos. 

We look forward to the future, and continue to advance one step at a time.

Service Overview


 - communication service in our community website


- bot creating service, and A.I. integration

- chat bot CMS service

- virtual world creating service

- advertisement service for their business / CGM works

- analysis service

Our company continues to move forward with business initiatives based in the virtual worlds and bot, ai and virtual-ego. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information.

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