Basic Information Security Policy

Our company believes that it is our responsibility to protect both our clients’ and our company’s information assets, and we hereby declare that we have set out and implemented the provisions of our Basic Information Security Policy.

  1. We fully recognize the importance of information assets, and we shall establish an information security management system and strive to manage our information assets in an appropriate manner.
  2. We shall set out and implement our company’s internal regulations in accordance with the provisions of this Basic Policy.
  3. We shall continue to provide the necessary training and education required to ensure information security.
  4. We shall adopt the appropriate personnel-related, organizational, and technical precautions to prevent any unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, loss, theft, destruction, or interference with the use of our information assets.
  5. In the unlikely event of a security issue with our information assets, we shall promptly investigate its cause, minimize its damage, and prevent its recurrence.
  6. We shall comply with all existing laws and regulations, guidelines established by the government, and other social standards pertaining to information security.
  7. In the event of an information security incident, we shall respond in a prompt and incisive manner and adopt the appropriate precautions to prevent its recurrence.
  8. We will regularly review the efforts outlined above and always strive to improve them.

Effective: July 7, 2022

For inquiries, please contact:

159-1 maruya-cho nakagyo-ku kyoto 604-8132 Japan

President and CEO   Naoyoshi Shimaya

Privacy Policy

1.Basic Principles 

Our Company gives due consideration to protecting the privacy of users in the course of operating ( and so on)(hereinafter, “our Websites”). We manage all personal information provided by users appropriately and in compliance with existing laws and regulations and other relevant standards pertaining to information security.

2.Restrictions on the use and provision of collected information 

The purposes of use of the information and feedback collected on our Websites are as follows.
・-For sharing and disseminating information on the services offered by METABIRDS Co., Ltd., our clients, or our partner companies
・ For applications, inquiries, and registrations in relation to the services offered by METABIRDS Co., Ltd., our clients, or our partner companies
・For contacting users regarding recruitment or responding to their inquiries
・ For further reference or analysis aimed at the smooth operation or improvement of our Websites

All information collected on our Websites will not be provided to any third parties, except in cases where we received a disclosure request under the law, with the consent of the individual in question, or under other exceptional circumstances.

3.Scope of application

This Privacy Policy applies only to our Websites.

4.Contact to 

159-1 maruya-cho nakagyo-ku kyoto 604-8132 Japan  METABIRDS Co.,Ltd. 


METABIRDS Co., Ltd. may be linked from external websites or post links to external websites as a means of providing information in a manner that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Internet. While we take all possible precautions regarding the content of information on external websites, we do not guarantee the accuracy of this content. Both METABIRDS Co., Ltd. and our information providers shall not be liable for any damages incurred through the use of external websites. We advise users to read the privacy statements of all external websites they are brought to. 
The processing, reuse, or redistribution of any information published on our website for the purpose of providing it to third parties is strictly prohibited.
METABIRDS Co., Ltd. may outsource certain operations to contractors that we deem reliable for the purpose of delivering materials to users. In such cases, we shall enter into separate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements regarding the handling of personal information with these contractors and exercise the utmost care in supervising the conduct of these operations. 

Effective: April 1, 2022