Creating an open metaverse society

METABIRDS Co., Ltd. was founded to create a wealth of new business ventures that revolve around life in the virtual society that exists on the Internet.

Our mission is specializing in the Metaverse(メタバース) and Virtual Beings(バーチャルビーイングス), and our goal is creating a world in which the virtual society is accessible to people everywhere–that is, creating an open metaverse society.


We operate a range of businesses around the 「Metaverse(メタバース)」 as a virtual society and the 「Virtual Beings(バーチャルビーイングス)」 existing within it, and hope to contribute to the ongoing growth of the metaverse through these initiatives.

On this page we describe the various services we are developing.


Since our company was founded in 2006, we have been constantly engaged in a variety of initiatives in the business area of virtual communities.

Here you can see some examples of our achievements as part of our ongoing effort to create an open metaverse society.


Entering a new world together

The real world and the metaverse are growing closer to each other with each passing year, and the way we interact with the metaverse continues to change day by day. We are actively looking for team members to help us advance new initiatives and think together with us about what the future metaverse will look like.



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