Entering a new world together

The real world and the metaverse are growing closer to each other with each passing year, and the way we interact with the metaverse continues to change day by day. We are actively looking for team members to help us advance new initiatives and think together with us about what the future metaverse will look like.


All employees are currently working remotely

As of February 2020, we have gradually shifted to a remote work system, with the majority of our personnel working fully remotely.

After the COVID-19 pandemic winds down, we plan to continue allowing employees to choose from working fully remotely, partially remotely, or in-house.

Flexible working hours

We can adjust working hours to your particular circumstances. While it requires prior consultation, we are generally equipped to accommodate your personal and family life and allow you to prioritize it.

We will purchase all equipment you need on your behalf

In addition to equipment you will need for your work, such as computers, we have a loan/purchase (at company expense) system that allows you to obtain other items you may need, such as tools used to test the functionality of services, or textbooks and literature used to gain new expertise.

Ample number of holidays

In addition to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we offer holidays at year-end, the New Year, and the Japanese Obon holiday. We can also offer holidays tailored to your circumstances, such as children’s school holidays. Please do not hesitate to bring these up during your interview. Paid time off is of course also available.

Almost zero overtime throughout the year

With the exception of overtime during some busy periods, we generally do not have overtime throughout the year. In the event that there is overtime, you will receive additional statutory pay.

Many part-time personnel are appointed to full-time positions

Those joining the company on a part-time basis are also invited to be tracked into a full-time position. Some of our members joined the company on a part-time basis before becoming full-time employees.


Considering applying? Read this first.

Thank you for taking an interest in our careers page.
Since its founding in 2006, METABIRDS Co., Ltd., as its name suggests, has actively rolled out a variety of services in the metaverse. We plan to continue developing new services in that domain as we grow.

We have touched on our work style in the metaverse here, but we have many more plans and exciting ideas about how to enhance the company. After all, we believe that making the workplace better for each and every one of our members will maximize everyone’s performance and in turn lead to profits for the company.

METABIRDS Co., Ltd. is poised to continue growing.
We are excited about doing business, and developing the metaverse with, people interested in long-term involvement in this field.

Open positions

We are currently hiring for the below positions. Please contact us for more details.

  • Developer (web frontend, backend, infrastructure)
  • Designer (website, 3D modeling)
  • Sales promotion and business development