Here we list our previous track record with the Metaverse ® service, which is geared at architecture and operation of unique virtual spaces. Additional case studies are listed on the CYZY SPACE web site. Please do not hesitate to take a look.

※ 「メタバース」 is a registered trademark of METABIRDS Co., Ltd.

Internal event for HIROSE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.

20 variations of a vast, unique virtual space were created at the “Zeroichi Festival,” an in-house technical session, and these spaces were used to announce new products and services to departments within the company, as well as foster communication between employees.

Virtual Waku Waku World (Toyota Technical Association)

At the request of the Toyota Technical Association, an in-house volunteer organization of Toyota Motor Corporation, we helped to hold a virtual, VR version of “Waku Waku World,” an event that has been held in Toyota City since 2004.

CYZY SPACE (virtual exhibitions, events, etc.)

Here we highlight some of our track record using CYZY SPACE, a cloud-based service that allows for easy setup and management of VR spaces. The CYZY SPACE web site contains additional details on other case studies. We encourage you to have a look.

「ONLINE OPEN CAMPUS 2021」 for the Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology, Kindai University

As part of the university’s adapting to COVID-19, it used CYZY SPACE to create an open campus in VR. We created the BOST-kun mascot as a character that guides visitors when they arrive.

Childcare Festa (Kyoto City Nursery School Federation)

In addition to exhibiting images and videos of children from more than 200 nursery schools, we prepared a navigation menu that makes it easy for parents and guardians who are not familiar with computers or VR to easily operate it. The result was a painting exhibit that brought a greater sense of realism to a wider audience.

Other projects (R&D and proof of concept trials around the metaverse)

Since our founding in 2006, we have consistently specialized in the virtual reality business. We initially developed our business, research and development, and proof of concept trials around a service called Second Life. Here you can see details of our performance from that time. The concepts we developed over numerous projects, research & development, and trials are being carried on today through our Metaverse® and CYZY SPACE systems.

Virtual Beings business

Botbird (AI chatbot) track record

Botbird is a chatbot system geared at individual users that is now in use by over 200,000 people. Since launching the service, it has been responsible for breathing new life into Twitter accounts and other account characters. For details, please refer to the Botbird web site.

  • Registered users: over 236,000 (as of April 2022)
  • Service start date: 2012

Botbird for Business (enterprise AI chatbot) track record

Botbird for Business is an AI chatbot creation service that brings additional convenience to Botbirdand is geared at enterprise users. This tool is widely in use across contexts ranging from web chats used to respond to customer inquiries, help bots for internal systems, and as part of the backend of AI speaker apps.

Kyoto Travel Chatbot (Kyoto City Tourism Association)

In this project, we built a chatbot to automatically respond to questions from users on a tourism navigation site operated by the Kyoto City Tourism Association. We provided chatbots in both Japanese and English. In addition to learning how to respond based on logs of past inquiries, we architected a system for the English version that allows for a certified guide to serve as an operator, complementing any areas the automated responses may not cover.

Excerpt of other past projects

  • Noevir Holdings Co., Ltd.
    FAQ chatbots for use at in-house support center (web chat, LINE Works, LINE)
  • Imuraya Group Co., Ltd.
    In-house information sharing/FAQ chatbot (web chat, LINE Works)
    In-house information sharing/FAQ chatbot (LINE Works)
  • Dimps Corporation
    In-house information sharing/FAQ chatbot (Slack)
    Customer support chatbot (web chat)
  • Sysmex Corporation
    Medical device information system for medical institutions (Amazon Alexa)
  • gaie Inc.
    Chatbots for official movie sites (web chat, Twitter、LINE、Facebookmessenger
  • TI-DA Square Co., Ltd.
    Inquiry chatbot for TI-DA Blog, an information site about Okinawa (web chat, LINE)
  • Town Guide Co., Ltd.
    Navigation system for shops and medical institutions in the Kansai region (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, LINE)
  • Seika-cho Library, Uji City Library, Ujitawara-cho Library
    Voice guidance systems (Amazon Alexa, LINE)
  • Kyoto City Tourism Association
    Multilingual Kyoto tourism navigation chatbot (KARTE web chat, web chat)
  • Other
    Health management and lifestyle support system for the elderly (Amazon Alexa), etc.

For further details on our AI chatbots, AI speaker apps, and other automated conversation solutions, please refer to the Botbird for Business web site. You can also contact us via that page.