Metaverse development

Metaverse development is a service where we architect and operate an exclusive virtual space tailored to your company. Our experienced planners, creators, and developers are equipped to offer you a high-quality implementation plan.

  • Concept creation/design planning
  • Creation of conceptual images and models
  • Creation of layout diagrams for facilities and spaces
  • Added functionality through integration with other systems

For details, please refer to the service web site here.

メタバース® CYZY SPACE (virtual exhibitions, events, VR showrooms, etc.) 

CYZY SPACE is a cloud service that allows you to easily build and operate a VR space that incorporates video calls and customer-facing avatars. This allows anyone to easily create a 3D virtual showroom, VR exhibition, event venue, and more. This service is available starting from 10,000 JPY per month.
For details, please refer to the CYZY SPACE service web site.

※ 「メタバース(Metaverse)」 is a registered trademark of METABIRDS Co., Ltd.

Miscellaneous (metaverse support, research & development, proof of concept trials)

We assist our clients at educational institutions, research institutes, public organs, and the private sector with new business initiatives, research and development, and proof of concept trials using virtual worlds.

Platforms available

CYZY SPACE/Second Life/OpenSim/other VR and metaverse services/proprietary virtual worlds

Research & development

Academic research (simulations, etc.)/new technology research/developing integrations with existing systems/business development/miscellaneous

Virtual Beings Business

メタバース® Botbird(AI chatbot)

This service is geared at individual users and assists in creating an AI chatbot. Account creation is free of charge, and users can easily deploy a bot that runs on popular platforms like Twitter / LINE / Facebook Messenger. For details, please refer to the Botbird web site.

メタバース® Botbird for Business(AI chatbot for Business

This service is geared at enterprise users and assists in the creation of AI chatbots and smart speaker apps. In addition to functionality allowing embedding into web sites, and logging and statistical functionality essential to training, it features a scenario bot feature that allows for traversing a conversation based on the surrounding context. Moreover, it comes with a FAQ bot functionality that allows for displaying responses to questions being asked. This package makes for a bot that is more convenient and more humanlike. In addition, we offer a wide variety of optional add-ons to meet all of your needs, such as manned support by human operators and video calls. We also undertake outsourced development projects from clients, and we are poised to offer you one-of-a-kind automated conversation systems tailored to your use case. For details, please refer to the Botbird for Business service web site.

※ 「メタバース(Metaverse)」 is a registered trademark of METABIRDS Co., Ltd.