Creating an open metaverse together

The metaverse is a social space that involves social life, economic activity, and creative production over telecommunications networks, most typically seen on the Internet. Many companies and organizations are already underway with building key infrastructure around the metaverse. We are aiming to make the metaverse a space open to all, allowing people to engage in social activities there while creating more new value–we want to make the metaverse an open society.


We leverage technology and expertise to support people creating new value

We believe that all people around the world are entitled to feel that their lives have meaning, living every day with a sense of fulfillment. We want to create such a society and enable more people to feel that way.


METABIRDS Co., Ltd. was founded to create a wealth of new business ventures that revolve around life in the virtual society that exists on the Internet. In the coming era of Mixed Reality, where the virtual society of the Internet and the real world intermingle, a wealth of digital content, artificial intelligence, robots, and evolved humans will casually spend their time in the metaverse. What sorts of businesses will grow in that context, and provide major value to people? We are steadily making inroads towards exploring that, looking forward to what the future holds.


We leverage technology and expertise to support people creating new value

By creating value, we mean producing new joy, fun, and pleasure in areas where nothing existed before. Moreover, this leads to people naturally wanting to engage in work in order to avail themselves of those benefits. By creating extensive new value, it leads to an unbroken chain of joy, fun, and pleasure, in turn leading others to want to create even better value. Ultimately, this extends to a sense of fulfillment and forming a raison d’être that drives people’s activity in the metaverse.

The key here lies in properly taking stock of what kind of work produces value. This requires extensive insights, experience, deep observation, continuous learning, and growth. We keep these tenets firmly in mind as we properly assess value, supporting people engaging in those activities by giving them access to fair compensation and the lifestyles they seek. Moreover, we are creating mechanisms that naturally amplify and encourage this.


We aim to realize our vision as a company by building a society on the Internet and supporting it

  • A society on the Internet refers here to an online realm in which space, the economy, people, AI, business, and other agents and initiatives interact and connect with each other.
  • We continue to research and develop methods to optimize and vitalize economic activity on the Internet.
  • To that end, we are continuously improving our knowledge and experience in economics and management (finance, tax, legal affairs, marketing, etc.).
  • We are researching and developing methods to help improve realism and expressiveness in virtual spaces.
  • In addition, we continue to research and develop methods to enrich social life through computerized personalities, bots, and artificial intelligence.
  • To do so, we are furthering our knowledge of and experience with information technology.
  • By creating a reliable and stable basis for the company, we aim to improve not only short-term, but also long-term, earnings.
  • We are actively interested in forming relationships with partners and team members who can help us augment and extend areas we are lacking in.
  • We are carrying out sales activities to help a wider audience learn about us faster, more deeply, and more accurately.