CompanyMETABIRDS Co.,Ltd.
PresidentNaoyoshi Shimaya
EstablishedJune 2rd. 2006
Capital reserves10,325,000yen
Major shareholdersClients, employees, and other close affiliates
AddressKyoto:159-1 maruya-cho nakagyo-ku kyoto 604-8132 Japan
Tokyo:3-5-16-2F Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 105-0002 Japan
TEL: 075-744-0983
Scope of business1. Planning, operation, development and consulting of and for Internet-related services
2. Design and development of Internet software
3. Management of a metaverse portal business on the Internet
4. Planning, operation, development, and consulting of and for metaverse projects, and provision of services in the metaverse
5. All business incidental to the preceding items
Intellectual property rights Domain namesメタバース®( Metaverse) trademark registered in 2007 (Registered Trademark No. 5015280)
Affiliated organizationsXR Consortium
Major business partners・ Imuraya Group Co., Ltd.
・ SCSK Corporation
・ NTT Group companies
・ Kansai University
・ Kanto Gakuin University
・ Kyoto City Tourism Association
・ Kinki University
・ KKC Information System Co., Ltd.
・ Sysmex Corporation
・ National Institute of Informatics
・ Shinkoshuppansha Keirinkan Co., Ltd.
・ ZUKEN Inc.
・ Cecile Co., Ltd.
・ SEPTENI Co., Ltd.
・ Sony Group companies
・ Dimps Corporation
・ Dentsu Group companies
・ Toyota Motor Corporation
・ NATURUM Co., Ltd.
・ Noevir Holdings
・ Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.
・ Fujitsu Group companies
・ Fuji Television Network, Inc.
・ Hosei University
・ mixi, Inc.
・ Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.

In addition, many other companies and users have utilized our services thus far.


  • 2006
    • Founded METABIRDS Co., Ltd. In Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. This made us the first company in Japan dedicated to virtual society and the metaverse.
    • Between 2006 and 2007, we began supporting enterprise clients entering the metaverse, launched a community management business for end-users, a shopping mall business in the metaverse, a blog community/social media platform for metaverse residents, and an internal job referral service on the metaverse, among others.
  • 2007-2010
    • The first wave in trends around the metaverse. Chiefly using the Second Life platorm, developed by Linden Research (United States) and Open Simulator (OpenSIM), an open-source VR server, we managed communities, supported enterprise clients, and conducted research & development.
  • 2012
    • Focused on the people/avatars/bots forming the metaverse, and launched a virtual beings business (Botbird chatbot)
  • 2016
    • Relocated the head office to Kyoto.
  • 2020
    • Launched CYZY SPACE, a new service around the metaverse.
  • 2021
    • The second wave in the metaverse. Around this time, we began chiefly using the Mozilla Hubs ( Hubs Cloud) as an open-source, web-based VR server to support corporate clients, conduct research & development, and manage various communities.


President’s profile

  • 1998
    • A graduate of the School of Law, Osaka University
    • Joined Fujitsu Pasokon Lab out of university
      • There, was responsible for development of Windows asset management systems, pre-installed software, etc.
  • 2001
    • Assigned to the mobile telephone segment of Fujitsu Limited
      • Developed operating systems for early FOMA mobile telephone devices
  • 2003
    • Established Shimaya Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Office
  • February 2006
    • Established Promolab Co., Ltd. and served as its vice president (no longer with the company)
  • June 2006
    • Established METABIRDS Co., Ltd., serving as its president & CEO